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How do you know your with your soulmate?

As I think about life with my husband I get excited about LOVE, because I know that God choose my husband for me. Many ask the question “How do you know your with your soulmate?” I believe I have one of many perfect answers, when your destiny and purpose is in alignment you know God placed you in the right arms. Your soulmate will push you and support you in your heavenly calling it's not always about the natural but it has a lot to do with the supernatural that's why its called soulmate. Soul is defined as the spiritual or immaterial part of a human being regarded as immortal, while another is an emotional or intellectual energy or intensity, especially as a revealed in a work of art or an artistic performance. That's deep because you think of Gods spirit yoking up two immortal beings to fulfill the task of Kingdom Agenda with the heart and mind of Christ towards one another because you both are created as a masterpiece I mean what's a better art than Gods art that was first seen with two individuals that were called to be soulmates in the Garden Of Eden. God will place that one in your path for he created your soulmate just for you, they don't belong to anyone else God made them for you even when things are not so good he will stay faithful read Matthew 19:6 we had to learn that through a divorce when God brought us back together after we created a mess there was still a purpose and destiny we had tied to each other and that's how I know I was with my soulmate.

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