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Someone once said that music is the language of the soul. This idea is the heartbeat of  ThaLoveBirds, and the baseline of their work as professional artists in the music industry. In  ThaLoveBirds’ eyes, music is created to reach a person’s soul and, most importantly, bring  Glory to God. As Christ’s vessels in the music industry, ThaLoveBirds are determined to impact  the masses with their unique sound and powerful gift.  
Scroll down and explore their music portfolio which highlights their earlier works, as well as  their latest projects.

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Get To Know Us

Hailing from Victorville, California, ThaLoveBirds is a power couple committed to reaching the world for Christ through music. It all started in high school when this husband-and-wife team first met and became high school sweethearts. At the age of 19, both of them knew they wanted to take their relationship to another level and did so through marriage. A life of full of love and happiness existed throughout the years, but storms did occur in their marriage. It wasn’t until 2017, after every attempt to make things work, this couple had to make one of the hardest decisions, which resulted in divorce. 

However, their story didn’t end there. In 2019, by God’s grace, this couple was able to rediscover love, and be rejoined in marriage. Regardless of their experiences as a couple beforehand, and even the challenges of being raised in single parent homes, this couple wasn’t finished writing the lyrics to their own love story. One of the secrets to their reuniting was their inseparable love for music. While divorced, they pursued their passion in music as secular artists. Nevertheless, after their marriage was restored, this couple decided to forge their passions together to be used for God’s glory. From this experience, the music group, ThaLoveBirds was born.

By moving towards greatness daily, ThaLoveBirds continue to push themselves to achieve more success in their music career. Looking to perfect their technical abilities and develop their own unique style, ThaLoveBirds draw upon their Victorville roots and lifelong passion for music as an inspiration.

If you would like to know more about their background, experiences, and latest project, don’t wait, connect with ThaLoveBirds now!

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“You want to know truth? His Name is Yeshua but we call Him Jesus it  doesn’t get truer.”


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